Weigh-in day (Aug. 19, 2017)

Well, yesterday’s weigh-in wasn’t as successful as they’ve been the past few weeks. That’s ok though, as I know my body needs time to adjust here and there. It showed I was .4 of a lbs lighter, so it’s still something though! I had eaten a few little treats, however I still had stayed within… Continue reading Weigh-in day (Aug. 19, 2017)

Weigh-in day! (August 4, 2017)

I just did my weekly weigh-in! I am down another 3.2 lbs! Bringing my grand total to about 52 lbs loss so far. That’s in right about 4 months time. I am really happy with my progress! I hope that it keeps up, but I know realistically at some point it will likely become a… Continue reading Weigh-in day! (August 4, 2017)

Weigh-in day! (July 28, 2017)

Just wanted to update with my progress from weighing myself on Friday. I am down another 2.4 pounds, so that’s great! I had even eaten some frozen yogurt(the kind with real fruit blended into it) with a little bit of dark chocolate topping on it – was super tasty by the way. I had also… Continue reading Weigh-in day! (July 28, 2017)