Weigh-in day (Aug. 19, 2017)

Well, yesterday’s weigh-in wasn’t as successful as they’ve been the past few weeks. That’s ok though, as I know my body needs time to adjust here and there. It showed I was .4 of a lbs lighter, so it’s still something though! I had eaten a few little treats, however I still had stayed within… Continue reading Weigh-in day (Aug. 19, 2017)

Tips to dress up your salad!

Salads don’t need to be boring. They also can be a great way to fill up, while still watching your calories/are trying to be healthier but don’t want to give up deliciousness to get there! I just ate this HUGE salad, that was very satisfying and from my estimate it was less than 400 calories… Continue reading Tips to dress up your salad!

Make small changes to lose weight long term!

I notice a lot of “diets” focus on making a lot of drastic food changes all at once. Especially things like “cleanses” and “smoothie” related plans, that state you will lose too much weight too quickly in a very short amount of days. I am not saying there aren’t benefits to looking into such claimed… Continue reading Make small changes to lose weight long term!