I’ve created this page mainly to have a place to share my weight loss journey, and have a place to write things down that will hopefully keep me on track to reach my goals. If I end up inspiring or helping anyone in any way that is even better!

I had lost weight a couple of times in the past, only to gain it back and more, just as a lot of other overweight individuals have done more times than we care to admit. I’ve never actually been small, and although my overall goal is to be the healthiest version of myself, I am quite looking forward to seeing what I look like as I keep shedding these pounds!

In an attempt to further my level of motivation, I joined several online weight loss support groups, and have rather enjoyed reading others’ stories and becoming even more determined to make this new lifestyle stick this time. However, seeing how misinformed so many people seem to be about how to correctly and safely lose weight and be healthier has been very eye opening to me. That is another reason why I have created this page, as here and there I may bring up topics or food related opinions that I have, with hopes that my views might help someone else in the same boat as me.