Weigh-in day! (August 4, 2017)

I just did my weekly weigh-in! I am down another 3.2 lbs! Bringing my grand total to about 52 lbs loss so far. That’s in right about 4 months time. I am really happy with my progress! I hope that it keeps up, but I know realistically at some point it will likely become a bit slower to where I’m losing more like 1-2 pounds per week-ish. I will definitely keep taking over that though, as long as my body wants to respond to all the changes I’ve made in a healthy way, you won’t see me complain about it!

This past weekend I went on a hike. As in – it was an actual hiking trail, with roots, and ups and downs to the path. For anyone who might know me, that does NOT sound like something I would have enjoyed before. This time was different though, and I actually liked it! I mean to the point where I was thinking how I can’t wait to go back there again and find other trails closer to my home that are similar. It was a couple of hour drive away though, so my husband and I may not get back there again until next year. Thinking about how much weight I will lose in the meantime, has me very excited and looking forward to hiking a further distance there whenever the time comes that we do go again! (Non-scale victories are just as fun to think about as scale ones sometimes)

On our way home we stopped at a diner. At this point I had lost about 49 lbs, close enough to 50 that we decided to have a bit of a celebratory treat meal out. While we were on our way there, the thought of pancakes popped in my head. All buttery and drenched in syrup… mmmmm, so that’s what I ordered. I also got 1 scrambled egg with it and 3 beautifully crispy breakfast sausages. I wanted dessert too, but was full and opted to leave that out. I figured the syrup I had was enough processed sugar for me for that day(or month, lol!). My husband got a super decked out poutine, that had hamburger, onion and peas on it, along with the usual cheese and gravy. I had a few bites of it as well, kind of hard to resist when it’s right there in front of you smelling delicious. Don’t worry, I shared my pancakes and a piece of a sausage with him to make it an even trade. *wink*

I only felt a little guilty about my treat meal. I mean, pancakes are not something I ever make. I pretty much never eat butter or processed sugar. I also eat very low carbs, so even the plain pancakes tasted nice even before I put the toppings on them. I of course had just done a pretty moderately intensive 1.5-2hr hiking session for me, so I figured it would balance itself out. I still biked and ate pretty well the rest of the week. The only other treat thing I remember having was some higher fat/sugared yogurt with berries and pretzels for a meal one night before bed. It really isn’t even a big treat, but it tasted amazing, and in comparison to my usual fat free yogurt with no sugar in it, was still a splurge for me. Oh, and I did have some regular full fat veggie dip with raw veggies this week too. I normally just use the fat free greek yogurt, but since I had some of the other dip I mixed a normal serving of it with some of the yogurt, still tasted amazing but was a bit better for me than if I’d have just chowed down on the regular dip as the past me would have, haha!

I got a lot of biking in this week. I thought I’d need to take a day or two rest after the hike, but ended up not needing to! I was really surprised, and happy as I did an extra full 45 min session the evening after hiking to help balance out those yummy pancakes. I did only do 30 minutes last evening, I had a very annoying headache, and since I didn’t take any days off from exercising this week I figured stopping a bit early couldn’t hurt.

I hope anyone else out there reading this had a wonderful week, and that you were able to balance everything out well for your body and see a loss in your weight too! If not, just get back at it this week! Just take it day by day, and pound by pound – you got this!

❤ ~M xo


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