Weigh-in day! (July 28, 2017)

Just wanted to update with my progress from weighing myself on Friday. I am down another 2.4 pounds, so that’s great! I had even eaten some frozen yogurt(the kind with real fruit blended into it) with a little bit of dark chocolate topping on it – was super tasty by the way. I had also treated myself to a homemade hamburger, with a bit of healthier macaroni salad, not a really unhealthy meal but I don’t have hamburgers a lot so I still consider it a treat. As for biking, I was pretty consistent and did 45 minutes almost every day(6/7 days). I think I may have done an extra 20 minutes at least one of the days, and if I remember right I took a nice walk last weekend too.

I’m not going to lie that I wasn’t a little disappointed that I didn’t lose 1 more pound. Simply because now my “official” total for how much I’ve lost so far is 49 lbs, and that’s just unbelievable to me, but if it had been 1 more that would have made it 50 lbs! I plan to take a picture to show my progress thus far, I’m just debating whether to take it this week, or wait until after next Friday when I hopefully will lose at least the 1 more pounds. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to do it any day, since I did start eating a bit healthier before I had bought a scale at the beginning of April and really started tracking my progress. I could have been 10-20 pounds higher for all I know, but I will be mainly be marking my total lost based on when I actually weighed in. I have to say that having the scale be 49 lbs less than a little less than 4 months ago, is a very big achievement. I have a hard time really acknowledging it though.

For someone of my height and size, I think I hold my weight really well. I’m 5’9, and the amount that I weigh looks a bit less heavy than it would on a shorter individual. I love that I probably don’t look quite as big as the number on the scale, but I’ve realized there is a downside to this. I tend to notice a bigger difference(looks wise), with those who don’t hold their weight as well. From looking at many people’s progress or before and after pictures, I can tell that a 49 lbs loss for someone shorter than me, seems to be more noticeable. Not a big deal of course, but I guess I just FEEL like mine should show more than what it does. Keep in mind this could also just be an issue with my perception. I think a lot of people hope to see a huge difference more quickly than what is realistically possible. That’s ok though, regardless, I know I am headed in the right direction and one day I will finally look at a picture of myself and wonder where it all went!

I’m just going to also note that I did have a couple of “less motivating” moments this past week. I really am not sure why, as there wasn’t really any cause for it. I think it’s just normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed when you’re looking to lose such a large amount of weight. You work very hard and still feel like it is taking forever(whether it’s coming off quickly or not), and you feel impatient and more worried about potential failure. I didn’t “fall off” this weight loss wagon though, I still did well and I know I will prevail!

My father let me buy a celebratory t-shirt too. It’s my favorite color(teal), and it is a size large! Although it’s a tiny bit snug, it still fits fine, and a lot smaller than the 2-3xl shirts I had to wear before!

Anyone who is also on the road to a healthier you, keep up the great work! You can do it, and so can I!

❤ ~M xo


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