List all of your reasons for losing weight!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in regards to goals and reasons for changing my life around and being healthier. I believe most people who have lost weight have likely had similar reasons to these for why they chose to do it:

  1. Health – as you go through life, whether you’ve always had those extra pounds to shed or it’s something you’ve picked up along the way, it takes a toll on our physical and mental health. For me, I would like to get on track before I reach an age where I need many medications for conditions that could be prevented by me now, and to feel healthy, inside and out.
  2. For our loved ones – thoughts of not being there for the people we care about can be something not many of us want to admit could become a reality sooner if you’re overweight. There’s no denying the countless correlations between weight loss and causes for early death. Being there for our families and friends for as long as possible can be a big motivator for a lot of us.
  3. To look on the outside, the way we feel we should on the inside – being the best possible version of ourselves physically is definitely not a bad reason to lose weight, but I put it as number three because it shouldn’t be our very first reason. How we look shouldn’t be the main focus, but if it helps you get to where you should be health-wise plus improve your mental health, then it’s still a great goal to have along for the journey!

Those are my top 3 reasons for where I am today in my weight loss journey, but I’ve still got many pounds left to go. To help myself keep motivated to get there and stay there, I’ve thought of several other more personal, simple reasons for why I am doing this. Feel free to make your own list, and even steal some of mine if you wish!

  • To know what it feels like to be thought of as attractive by the average person.
  • To fit into seats easier in public places, or not worry about if there’s enough room for me to join my friends when going out and doing things.
  • To be able to do more outdoorsy activities with my husband, without him needing to slow down or make exceptions for me.
  • To just not be “fat” when I look in the mirror, so that I can change how I view myself.
  • To be able to shop for clothes in any clothing store, without me needing to look for the “plus sized” section.
  • To dress in any kind of clothes and be able to find different styles that just don’t come commonly in plus sizes.
  • To no longer feel like the “fat friend” when I’m out with my girls.
  • To not needing to use humor in an attempt to make others feel less uncomfortable with my weight in social situations.
  • To just simply prove to myself that I can be thin and healthy, and that I am not destined to remain “fat” for the rest of my life.
  • To one day be smaller than my husband, or at least about the same in size.
  • To feel loved for both my inside and outside, instead of thinking that people only like me for the inside.
  • To treat my body with the respect it deserves and keep the weight off when I get there.
  • To be entirely happy with my appearance, as well as who I am inside.


This list is definitely not complete. I am sure I will always be able to add more to it, but it is a good start. Remember that having a goal weight/size in mind is great, but don’t forget your other reasons for doing this too.

Placing so much emphasis on a number on the scale is helpful during the journey in order to stay motivated and keep us in line as we go along, but it shouldn’t be your only thought. Being a certain specific size might not be as important as some of your other goals. Also, when you finally reach the number on the scale you don’t want to stop trying and end up gaining all of the weight back again. So don’t forget about all of your non-weight related reasons and goals along the way as they can help you remember where you came from and keep you in line even after you get to your weight goal.

❤ ~M xo



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