First blogged weigh-in day!

I weigh myself every Friday. I have once in awhile weighed myself on a different day through the week, but as a rule usually do it just once per week. It seems to work well for me in keeping me on track to my weightloss goals! I plan to blog each week from now on to post my weigh-in results, and also recap my week as far as eating and exercising goes, again, just to keep myself on track!

So far in my journey I had lost around 42 pounds.

This week I felt like I did very good for eating and exercising. I did allow myself one small treat of some So Delicious Soy “ice cream” stuff, which surprisingly WAS so delicious. It wasn’t really “diet” friendly as it had more fat than I’ve seen in some ice creams, plus a decent amount of calories and sugar. But I managed to have just a tiny bit of it(probably 1/3 to 1/2 of a cup), with some 95% fat free Cool Whip, and a low-fat/low-sugar strawberry/cereal crust dessert thing I made. It soothed my cravings for sweets this week, as I had a visit from aunt flow and she always makes me want what I probably shouldn’t be eating too much of! Lol! Other than that, and also having had the strawberry dessert thing a couple of other times by itself, I had a great week food wise. I kept around 1200ish calories per day on average, and ate lots of yummy veggies!

Exercise went well. I did take one day off, I can’t remember which day, but I’m pretty sure I had one rest day. I don’t always do that as since I live a pretty sedentary life other than the time logged on my stationary bike, so I try to do it every day. I had started at about 20 minutes when I FIRST started on my healthier journey, and now do approx. 45 minutes each day. Once in awhile I will do an extra session in a day, and so I may end up having done 45+, but this week I didn’t do that. Was feeling kind of lazy as far as the biking went this week, but I still pushed through!

So… *insert drum-roll here*…. I am down 5.2 more pounds!!!(bringing my total to almost -47lbs) I am so thrilled. I think that’s the most I’ve lost in a week up until this point! I think the reason the loss was so much this week is partly due to starting this blog(I think it might help motivate me to keep my eating even better than it had been prior!), and because I didn’t really have a large treat meal like I normally have done in other weeks. I don’t do “cheat days”, but I do believe in having the more unhealthy kinds of meals in moderation. Almost every week I have at least one meal that I’m not particularly proud of in comparison to my “usual average meals”, but thankfully it generally evens out by the end of the week to where I still have lost SOMETHING.

Something is better than nothing. Nothing is better than gaining, and a gain is still not as bad as gaining A LOT! I think people get very discouraged when they either don’t lose any, or stay the same, or of course gain, but always try to remember that it really could always be worse. Even if you gain, dust yourself off, and try even harder the next week! You’ve got this!

❤ ~M xo


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