Be happy with yourself while losing weight, not just once you lose it!

I think remaining positive and relatively happy with yourself during your weight loss journey can not only help motivate you but also make doing it a bit less of an effort.

I realize that you’re probably not happy when you look in the mirror right now, or feel very confident. If you do, then wonderful. I’m not where I want to be as far as looks go. I could probably make a big long list of all the things I would love to change about my appearance, including weighing less of course. But, I believe you still need to try to love yourself regardless or else eating right and/or exercising becomes a form of punishment, instead of the positive life experience it should be!

I read a lot of people’s posts and/or thoughts about their desire to lose weight. A good number, if not mostly all that I see are words like “disgusted”, “ashamed”, or several other very degrading, and negative words about how they feel about how they look. I see this in people who wish to lose anywhere from as low as 10-15 pounds, up to those hoping to lose upwards of 100 or more pounds. It seems as though being unhappy with themselves in general is either motivating their weight loss, or at least a makes up a good portion of their desire for change.

I get that. I really do. I totally understand what feeling disappointed in yourself is like. Avoiding pictures, not looking in a mirror, or basically feeling no connection to the person you see when you look at yourself on the outside. But dwelling on those kinds of thoughts/feelings turns what could be a positive experience, into a negative one. If you are thinking the whole time about how gross and repulsive you think you are, and trying to use those thoughts as some kind of motivational tool – it may work for a bit, but what about when you start seeing your body change for the better? As you start to look smaller, will you stop caring about losing more since you lost the negativity that helped you get there? Will you use that same negative voice inside to let yourself “fall off the wagon” when you have a bad day? When you have a “bad week” and gain a pound or two, will that negative mindset be able to help you get back on track or will it end up having the opposite effect and cause you to spiral back into your old habits? In my opinion, that’s possibly one of the biggest reasons why people so often fail to stick to being healthier. Changing the thoughts that drive our weight loss could potentially make all the difference.

Maybe you will lose the entirety of the weight you want to lose, but then still not be happy because you can always find something wrong with your body on the outside. If you don’t change your mindset about yourself now, and along the weight loss journey, you may not even be happy with yourself when you reach that goal weight. Maybe you’ll find a part of you looks too skinny, or that those stretch marks are really gross, and still be discouraged about yourself.

This is why I try to focus on learning to love myself, inside and out. It isn’t easy, but I am determined to feel better in all aspects of me, not just the physical side. Am I really super happy with my outside yet, not really, but do I put myself down over it or use that feeling as motivation; no. I am trying to teach myself to view this journey as positively as I can. I look at the small things that are changing. Even almost immediately after losing the first handful of pounds my face was less bloated, I started to be able to move better, I notice tiny changes in all parts of me. I try to think of eating better and exercising as that I am finally treating my body with the love and care that I should have been all along. I deserve to be healthy, happy, and have a body that I am proud of. I will get there, and so can you if you put your mind to it and decide to have the right perspective about getting there!


❤ ~M xo


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